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Available thesis projects

At our lab we host a limited number of thesis projects. Those working on these projects become temporary members of the lab, are expected to complete the project under the agreed time constraints (typically 2.5 months for bachelors and 5 months for masters) and to actively participate in the lab activities, so that they can contribute to information sharing and knowledge development. It is typically expected that each student moderates at least one of our fika meetings.

This is the list of currently available topics. If you are interested, please send an email to with your transcript and a short motivation.

Mining temporal networks at different time scales

Level: Master

The objective of this project is to develop and test clustering algorithms for the analysis of temporal networks. The algorithms will be implemented as part of an existing library (C++) and tested on real data. We have multiple open positions in this area, and details about the specific projects will be defined depending on the applications we receive.

Pattern detection in temporal text networks

Level: Master

The objective of this project is to model and understand the structure of conversations in online social networks (e.g., Internet forums, Twitter). During the first part of the project, the student will read the relevant literature and define a method to identify patterns (also known as motifs, or configurations) in networks. Examples of patterns are: a user posting a message and receiving a large number of answers without answering back, or a long chain of questions and answers. Then, the method will be implemented as part of an existing library (C++) and tested on real data. The thesis will conclude with the application of the developed approach to study the different ways in which people interact in different types of online social networks, to understand how specific media constrain the type of social interactions happening through them.

Measuring text networks

Level: Bachelor or Master

Several methods exist to analyse text and to separately analyse the structure of social/communication networks. The objective of this thesis is to define, implement and experimentally evaluate measures to analyse text networks, that is, data containing information both on the communication network and on the text content exchanged through the network. A typical example of text networks are online conversations. The project includes the development and testing of part of a data analysis library (C++) combining functionality to efficiently model interconnected graphs with some existing text mining tools. The student will learn about graph and text manipulation. The final outcome of the project will be to test the software developed by analyzing empirical data collected from real online social media (e.g., Twitter, friendFeed) and compare the results with theoretical models.

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