Department of Information Technology

The Optimisation Group

The Optimisation Group focuses on solving optimisation problems, which is about finding values for unknowns such that constraints are satisfied and a cost is (near-)minimal or a gain is (near-)maximal. Sometimes the goal is to satisfy the constraints without a specific function to be minimised or maximised.

Our research is on methods and tools for mathematical programming, constraint programming, and local search. Applications of optimisation arise in many real-world domains, such as communication networks, and tranportation and logistics, where optimisation is used for resource allocation, scheduling of personnel rostering under work regulations and employee preferences, scheduling under precedence and resource allocation constraints, vehicle routing under time windows for deliveries or pick-ups, routing and scheduling of data flows in information networks, planning and performance engineering of mobile communications systems, etc.

The optimisation group is coordinating the research arena of Applied Optimisation at the Department of Information Technology. The research arena is a networking effort at the department level, aiming at bringing together researchers for which optimisation is relevant for a wide range of application domains.

News from the Optimisation Group

  • André Grce of Netonomics gives a seminar "Optimizing transmission investment" on Thursday 22 March 2018, in ITC 1245, from 13.15 to ~14.30.
  • Mats Carlsson, Pierre Flener, and Justin Pearson serve on the Programme Committee of CP 2018, held in Lille (France) in late August 2018.
  • Arie Koster of RWTH Aachen University (Germany) gave the seminar "Solving Mixed-Integer Non-Linear Programs by Adaptive Discretisation: Two Case Studies" on 27 February 2018.

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