Kjell Orsborn PhD

Uppsala Database Laboratory
Department of Information Science
Uppsala University

Phone: +46 18 471 1154
Email: kjell.orsborn@it.uu.se

Research (being updated)

Computational database technology

Synchronization (bigger) of design data using active DB technology in AMOS II.

Object-relational database technology for finite element analysis

Advanced application areas, like many engineering disciplines, require specialized representation methods. The purpose of such specialized representation methods, we call them domain mediators, is to develop specialized database representation methods for the application areas. In this way the database can be used to represent not only external data, but also domain knowledge that is presently hidden within each application.

Kjell Orsborn is doing research on database technology to support engineering applications for computational mechanics. Kjell has so far integrated a graphical system for finite element analysis (FEA), TRINITAS, with the AMOS main-memory DBMS. The AMOSQL extensible and object-oriented query language is used to build the FEA domain mediator. The data storage in the application is completely replaced by the database which is accessed from the application be embedding AMOSQL calls. This approach also allows ad hoc queries to be put over model data.
Sample of Trinitas user interface.

Product data management using object-relational query languages

Kjell Orsborn has also developed a product model of mechanical parts in cooperation with SAAB Military Aircraft, showing that an object-relational query language is well suited for such models and makes it easy to make advanced queries of the model.

Cooperations with other organisations

Within our research we have a close cooperation with Dr. Bo Torstenfelt at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Linköping University, with the Division of Computer Aided Design at Luleâ University of Technology, Luleâ, and with the Division of Machine Elements at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.