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Information Technology


Master Projects
Amos II

UDBL Members

Laboratory Leadership

Tore Risch, Ph. D., Professor

Senior Researchers

Kjell Orsborn, Ph. D., Associate Professor
Magnus Lfstrand, PhD, Senior Researcher
Silvia Stefanova, PhD, Postdoctor
Ahmad Alzghoul, PhD, Postdoctor

Doctoral Students

Andrej Andrejev, M. Sc., Doctoral Student
Sobhan Badiozaman, M. Sc., Doctoral Student
Khalid Mahmood, M. Sc., Doctoral Student
Lars Melander, M. Sc., Doctoral Student
Thanh Truong, M. Sc., Doctoral Student
Cheng Xu, M. Sc., Doctoral Student
Minpeng Zhu, M. Sc., Doctoral Student


Erik Zeitler, Ph. D., (at Klarna, Stockholm)
Manivasakan Sabesan, Ph. D., (at Oracle, Redwood Shores, California)
Ruslan Fomkin, Ph. D., (at Starcounter, Stockholm)
Johan Petrini, Ph.D. (at Geological Survey of Sweden, Uppsala)
Milena Ivanova, Ph. D., (at Netherlands eScience Center)
Vanja Josifovski, Ph. D. (Technical Lead at Google, Mountain View, California)
Timour Katchaounov, Ph. D., (at NuoDB, Inc.)

External Supervision

The following Doctoral Students at other universities were cosupervised by UDBL researchers:

Henrik Andre-Jönsson, Ph.D., LiU 
Jesper Fredriksson, Tech. Lic., KTH
Freddy Fuxin, Tech. Lic., LTU
Henrik Johansson, Tech. Lic., LTU
Haoxue Ma, Ph.D., LTU
Mattias Nyström, Ph.D., LTU
Karim Oukbir, Ph.D., KTH

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