Department of Information Technology

Evidence Based Teaching: Teaching as Research/Scholarship 2018

Workshop Leaders: Professors John Heywood (Trinity College, Dublin) and Pears (Uppsala University and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

Welcome to our FIE/ASEE co-sponsored Workshop page.

The purpose of the page is to provide a central access point to the resources associated with the workshop, and to serve as a repository for project materials for those workshop participants who elect to carry out a research project based in their own educational practice.

Workshop Structure

The workshop is divided into four thematic areas. Each session is based on a prior reading assignment as outlined below. The sessions at the FIE conference will assume a background in these readings and build upon them through discussion and presentations.

The workshop consists of the following 4 themes and associated readings (see links below).

Morning Session: 9am - 12 noon

Landscape of and priorities in higher education

  • Heywood, Preface
  • Trevelyn
  • Pears, Landscape and Theory of Scholarly Teaching and Learning

Accountability - engineering professional values, for whom with whom.

  • Grandin et al.
  • Goldman
  • Heywood, Chapter I

Scholarship of Teaching. Teaching as Research.

  • Heywood, Chapter II
  • Heywood, Chapter III

Afternoon Session: 1pm - 5pm

Researching Learning and Teaching

  • Pears - Theory and Practice of Engineering Education Research
  • Heywood - Chapter IV

Studies from the Field : Iron Range Engineering


Wrap up and debrief - opportunity to pursue a project with a meeting at ASEE and the following FIE.

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