Department of Information Technology


Group Leader

Arnold Pears PhD, Associate Professor

Research Interests

  • Theories of knowledge construction in Computing
  • Research driven curriculum design and educational practice
  • Wireless and pervasive systems to support learning of Computing

Senior Researchers

Research Interests

  • How students learn computer science
  • Methodological rigour, particularly in qualitative research approaches
  • How computing is understood by students in various social and cultural contexts
  • Improve teaching of computing to diversified student cohorts
Åsa Cajander PhD, Associate Professor

Research Interests

  • How to assess professional competences
  • Coaching as a learning strategy
  • Life Long learning
  • Action Research as a methodological framework
Mats Daniels PhD, Associate Professor

Research Interests

  • Learning in international open ended group project settings
  • How to promote and assess students development of professional skills
  • Quality assessment of educational programs

Academic Sites

Anna Eckerdal PhD, Associate Professor
  • How students learn computer programming
  • Threshold concepts in Computer Science
  • Informal learning and lifelong learning related to computing education
  • MOOCs in Computing Education
  • Development of professional competencies
  • Teaching and learning writing in Computer Science
  • How students learn computer programming
  • Students' sense making in Scientific Computing
  • How students learn computer programming
  • The contextual and cultural situatedness of learning computer science
  • Methodological frameworks for research
  • Educational technologies

PhD Students

  • How students develop a professional and disciplinary identity within the area of Computing and the role of education
  • Learner's epistemology and conception of learning
  • Perspectives on the discipline of Computing
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