on Integrating Technology
into Computer Science Education

Working Groups

In parallel with the Conference on Integrating Technology into Computer Science Education, seven Working Groups will convene to address areas related to the integration of technology into computer science education. The groups will begin working together electronically on April 1st, in order to prepare themselves and to set a direction for their collaboration.

On the evening of May 31st, there will be a Working Group Kick-off and, during the next 5 days, June 1 - 5, the groups will work towards producing a set of products. Each group will have a conference room with computing facilities at their disposal and will meet according to schedules they set themselves.

During the conference, the groups will present intermediate results in the form of poster presentations. On Monday and Wednesday afternoons, there will be Working Group Receptions for all Conference attendees. These receptions will provide the opportunity for viewing the group's posters, talking to the group members, asking questions, and making observations.

At the end of June 5th, each group will have developed publishable products, including guidelines, usable exercises, and other curricular materials. The Working Group reports will be assembled into a single document, which will be distributed to all conference attendees and to all SIGCSE and SIGCUE members during the autumn.

Working Group Topics

The seven Working Groups that will convene in conjunction with ITiCSE'97 are described below.

Group 1: Designing laboratory materials for computing courses

Group 2: Using the WWW as the delivery mechanism for interactive, visualization-based instructional modules

Group 3: The Web and distance learning: What is appropriate and what is not

Group 4: Using IT To integrate societal and ethical issues in the CS/IS curriculum

Group 5: Computer Mediated Communication in collaborative educational settings

Group 6: Harnessing technology for effective inter/intra-institutional collaboration

Group 7: Perspectives on innovations in the computing curriculum

Applying to be a Working Group Participant

You are cordially invited to apply to become a Working Group member. Each group will have a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 7 members. The choice of members will be based on the qualifications and experience of the applicants. To apply for one of these positions, prepare a one to two page proposal stating for which Working Group(s) you are applying. Include a description of your experience and a position statement related to the work of the group(s) that you wish to join. Include a cover page with your name, affiliation, full mailing address, telephone, fax, and email address. Here are detailed instructions for working group member applications.

The deadline for receipt of working group member applications is March 15th.

To send working group participant applications

Electronic submissions are preferred!

Vicki L. Almstrum
Dept of Computer Systems
Uppsala University
Box 325
S-751 05 Uppsala
fax: +46-18-55 02 25

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