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Spend some days here!

Hotels are reasonable priced, especially small pensions. In the summer and during weekends, prices start at SEK 290.- for a double. (Exchange rates)

What to do? Well, look at this different Stockholm siteshere, here and here, and I am sure you will get some ideas.

How to get there? By train from Uppsala, a journey that takes less than an hour. A return trip is SEK 110.-

Want to know more? Ask Stockholm Information Service

My favourite place in Sweden is the beautiful city of Stockholm, where I live.

Stockholm is nice for walking; it is clean, and safe, with efficient public transportation.

The archipelago

A Vega sailor

When I feel like leaving the city and forgetting all about computers, I go sailing in my Vega in the archipelago. The archipelago consists of some 30 000 islands scattered in the sea.

According to the Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) you can visit somebody else's land, travel on or swin in somebody else's water, but there are, of course some restrictions.

So the archipelago is a lovely place for recreation.

How do I get there?

There are boats that go to the archipelago regularly (a return trip is between SEK 100.- och 200.-) with Waxholmsbolaget and roundtrips. Maybe the best tour organizer in the archipelago is Strömma Kanalbolaget (charging SEK 400.- - 700.- for a day trip, guide, coffee, lunch included)

Can I stay overnight?

There are some hotels in the archipelago, but an advance reservation is recommended, since the hotels are small.

The hostels are clean, cheap (price range SEK 70.- to SEK 195.-) and friendly places, that attract famililies. Accomadation vary, normally they have double rooms, with shared (rather than private) shower.

But why not go camping? Or rent a boat. Stay overnight on a nice island, and have some fresh newly grilled Baltic herring for dinner.



In northern Uppland, north of Uppsala, iron has been produced for centuries up until 1992. At one time, during the 18th century, iron from this part of Sweden was important on the international market.

Blacksmiths from the Netherlands (Walloons) came to this country, which was rather poor at that time, to exploit the iron. Not only did they create an industry, they also built villages for the working people and mansions for themselves (which they filled with contemporary works of art).

Many of these villages are more or less intact today and provide a glimpse into an earlier time. The villages of Lövstabruk, Österbybruk and Forsmark are extrordinarily beautiful, situated as they are in the large forests of northern Uppland.

You can easily go there on a day-trip in a rented car from Uppsala

Just feel free to contact me if you want to talk to me.

See you in Sweden in June,


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