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Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Head of Division
Ingela Nyström
Director of Studies
Lars Oestreicher
Lena Nordström

Researchers and graduate students


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Educational programmes

Master programme
Whether you want to reinvent mobile phones, construct advanced tools for professionals, invent the next Facebook or empower people with disabilities, expertise in Human-Computer Interaction is crucial.

The Human-Computer Interaction program at Uppsala University teaches both the theory and practice required to design well-functioning and innovative information technology interfaces, artefacts and services.

The programme is given jointly with the Department of Informatics and Media. Read more in the study plan.

Undergraduate courses
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Our research concerns analysis and design of computerized work environments. A goal is to ensure usability (satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness) and reduce complexity for computer users. Most of our research is performed within governmental authorities, organizations and industrial settings, where our role is to guide the development of usable systems through user-centred design activities. A significant part of our research concerns complex computer systems intended for professional users in their everyday work. Here we are also studying organizational aspects and work environment problems. Current research domains are:

  • Human control of complex systems: high-speed ferry operation, train driver operation, train traffic control, simulators
  • Administrative work environments: case-handling, call center operation
  • Health care: medical informatics, decision support systems, teleradiology, home health care
  • Visualization: tactical control and command systems, virtual learning lab, 3D tools
  • Work environment: Physical, psychosocial and cognitive work environment in computer supported work
  • IT ethics: Tools and methods for ethical usability, ethics in technology and society

We have extensive experience in international research and within larger EC-projects.

Research projects


HCI publications from the databases DIVA/OPUS

1994 - 2000

1985 - 1997

  • Even older publications from the Center for Human-Computer Studies (CMD)

Seminar documentation

Work environment problems in IT supported work. Documentation from a seminar March 22, 2011. (In Swedish)

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