Deployment of Online Medical records and E-health services


Principal Investigator: Åsa Cajander
Phone: +46 (0)18 471 00 00 (switchboard)
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4 September 2014. Presentation at the conference Framtidens Specialistläkare
Link to the conference (Swedish):

19 August 2014. Panel at the conference Well-being in information society (WIS) 2014, Åbo, Finland.

13 June 2014, 13:15-17:00. Thomas Lind gives his licentiate seminar
Place: ITC building 2, room 2446
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Welcome to the website of the DOME project

DOME is a collaborative project between the University of Lund, University of Skövde and Uppsala University.
The DOME-project is funded by VINNOVA, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.

The purpose of the DOME project is to build knowledge about the implementation and use of eHealth services and is based on studies of e-health projects. We do research project in cooperation with the parties involved in the establishment of Online Patient Records in Sweden, and also internationally through a project named SUSTAINS. Sustains is an EU project in which Uppsala County Council (UCC) is the coordinator for 16 parties in 11 countries. DOME is working closely with the national deployment of Online Patient Records as well as with documenting experiences gained from UCC that gave all patients access to their own medical records in in November 2012.

The DOME Project has about thirty organizations as reference groups at three different levels. The goal of these groups is to help scientists to understand and highlight the problems from different perspectives, to influence the development of eHealth services, as well as to take advantage of the research we are doing in the project.

A specific goal of the research is to create a better basis for future introduction of eHealth services. The project therefore aims at developing recommendations for the introduction of new or improved e-health services in the healthcare system. Experiences made in the DOME project will be disseminated through all available channels.

The DOME project does research in three different areas. These are developed in more detail below:

WPA Patients and Relatives

Within this work package, we focus on the patient's and his or her relatives' perceived benefit of health care. This does not only include health benefits but also aspects such as patient safety, accessibility, economy, efficiency and integrity. Aspects of patient empowerment will also be handled in this WP. The research aims at creating knowledge about a variety of issues related to this area.

WPB Professions and Management

In this work package, we focus on the professionals and management in relation to e-health services. Various studies will examine how the introduction of e-health services creates changes in the relationships between different stakeholders such as for example: relationships and communication between professionals and patients, relationships between profession and organization/management, relationships between different organizations. We will also examine the the demands that the professions have on the development of future e-health services.

WPC Development and Implementation

Within this work package, we focus on IT systems development and implementation of e-health services. Most agree that the quality of e-health systems is crucial and that quality aspects in the form of eg usability, security and operability are important. However, many IT projects do not have functioning processes and practices to achieve and ensure these qualities in the product. Hence this work package focuses on understanding and improving the methods and processes used in IT development.