Department of Information Technology


Previous Work

  • Collaborative studies in the multiple viewer display environment at
    • WMV 4.6MB: Example video of two persons solving a trial in the experiment described in the paper Effects of Layer Partitioning in Collaborative 3D Visualizations (submitted to ISVC06). The video first shows a clip from a headcoupled view attached to the camera. The second clip shows an integral view with all layers visible. The final two clips are from the interaction in the partitioned view where the collaborating persons see mutually exclusive views of the layers. WMV 4.6MB
  • Studies on the presentation of dynamics in situational maps comparing animation, 2D and space-time paths
    • Illustrative photo montage (by Jimmy Flink ) of a trial showing a space-time path
    • fhs.jpg
  • Studies on viewer oriented text and symbols in stereoscopic display environments
  • Cross platform extension of VRT: vrt project page
  • Visualization of a future civil and military scenario in the baltic sea area
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