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STEG - an operational test system


In the STEG project a fully operational system has been developed and tested, based on the research results from the FTTS project. The STEG system was first taken into operation in April 2008. A first evaluation was made in May 2008 and based on this some changes were made. A new test period was initiated in September 2008. During November-December 2008 an evaluation was performed. After that the STEG system has continuously been operated.

The traffic area controlled using STEG consists of a combination of single and double track sections, and is a part of the main line from Stockholm to southern Sweden. STEG is operated from the traffic control centre in Norrköping.


The STEG workplace in Norrköping. The STEG system can be seen on the large screen in the top row.
(Photo: Göran Fält, Banverket)


An example of the STEG user interface. The traffic plan can be seen in the planning view (upper part). Conflicts, disturbances, delays etc. can easily be identified. Re-planning is made by direct manipulation in the graph. Whenever needed the plan can be changed. When the plan approach the actual time it is automatically executed.

Examples of STEG operation

You can download and play a real train traffic control session, recorded during actual operative traffic control using the STEG system.

You will need to download and install a player (BB FlashBack Express) to be able to view the recorded STEG-session.
The player can be downloaded for free here

The demonstration file, including some comments and explanations, must be downloaded and saved.
You can download the demonstration file (N.B! 20 MB) here

When the STEG demo-file and the player is downloaded, saved and installed, do as follows:

  • Open the STEG demo-file or open it through the player.
  • The recorded session starts automatically and can be paused and restarted using the play/paus icon.
  • The spacebar can be used to pause and start the session.
  • The session stops automatically whenever an explanation is shown. It is continued when any key, or the mouse, is clicked.
  • The session continues between the programmed explanation stops until the session is ended.
  • The view can be changed using the VIEW (Movie size) window/menu. Fit Window shows the full video, 50, 75 or 100% shows details. The STEG system normally runs on a 30 inch screen.
  • Use View 100%, Full Screen and View Autoscroll and Mouse near center to see in detail where the action is. The presentation is moved so that the cursor always is in the center.
  • Use Next Frame icons - to the right of the Play/Pause icon - to jump directly between events or object types. For example between Mouseclicks or between the Text Frames with explanations.
  • Using CTRL+ENTER the playback details can be hidden or shown again. This gives a larger view area on the screen.
  • Using Playback Speed the playback speed can be increased.

Evaluation of the test period

A comprehensive evaluation process has been performed, including observations, interviews, questionnaires, video recordings and analysis, operators' diaries, logging of control tasks etc. A report in Swedish and English will soon be available.

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