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Human-machine interaction and safety aspects when controlling high speed craft



Human-machine interaction and safety aspects when controlling fast ships. In this project, competence from construction and operation of HSC will cooperate with behavioural scientists and human-machine researchers to analyse primary problem settings.
Completed 2000-12-31.

P2005 HSC

Studies of the operators work tasks will be performed as a basis for requirement specifications. Prototypes of new systems for information presentation and control activities will be designed. These will be tested and evaluated in simulator environments. A model for design of HSC bridges and control systems will also be formulated.


Thematic Network on Safety Assessment of Waterborne Transport. EC 5th Framework Network supported by DG Energy and Transport. The project objective is to enable the overall goal with regard to shipping safety and marine environmental protection to be achieved by initiating and effectively managing a programme of work aimed at establishing a common knowledge base and a comprehensive framework of safety assessment and safety management for waterborne transport. The network is coordinated by Det Norske Veritas.

SÄSAM: SÄkerhet och SAmspel Människa-teknik inom sjöfarten

This projects main purpose is to conduct research aiming at increasing safety for high speed crafts, with focus on the maneuvering task. To do this it is necessary to get a better understanding and more knowledge about the relation between humans and technology. We are concerned with aspects like decision-making of navigators, masters’ relation to safety, tools for human-factor based design of marine applications and integration of information, etc.


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