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Department of Information Technology


IVAN Information system in health care - usability and benefit (swe. Informationsystem I vården - användbarhet och nytta) is a research cooperation between Uppsala County (Landstinget Uppsala Län) and Human-Computer Interaction division at Uppsala University. The primary goal of the research project is to study the current situation with regards to usability and make suggestions that could lead to changes about how to work more effectively with the EPR.

The project has resulted in a set of actions for the county to implement:

  • Improved EPR education program.
  • How to clarify mandate among different stakeholders within the organisation.
  • Suggestions for usability improvements in the EPR system as well as in other IT system.
  • Checklists for improving the local user support.
  • Recommendations for improvements in the EPR deployment process.

Reports within the project

Academic Thesis

Reports to Uppsala County

Research papers

Master thesis reports

Newspaper article


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