Release notes:
                                                     Date                                                   Version Upgradings
                                                   001120                                                   2.0.0 New version (2.0.0) of the simulator: The sedimentation unit has been upgraded to a layer model with 10 vertical layers. A supervisory DO controller is now implemented  The treatment results in terms of total N removal, BOD removal etc.are now presented in a comprehensive way.
                                                  980710                                                   1.0.1 Changed  (fastened) the sampling interval for oxygen PID controller. Changed  to volume dependent oxygen transfer function,  KLa*V0/V where V0 is the default volume.
                                                  980327                                                   1.0.0  New demo version for the simulator!!!!!!
                                                  980225                                                   0.1.5  Added temperature dependent process constants in the simulators 
                                                  980223                                                   0.1.4  Added possibility to run simulations with time varying flows in the simulators built for Uppsala and Västerås  wwt plants
                                                  980212                                                   0.1.3 Updated versions for the waste water treatment plants in Uppsala and Västerås completed.
                                                  971212                                                   0.1.2 Nodified data transfer between different program parts (bug fixed) changes in process parameters now affect all zones (bug fixed) added possibility to plot air flow rates and carbon flow rates in all basins.
                                                  970903                                                   0.1.1  Added LQG regulator for external carbon source, added units of all flows in the process image, corrected deafault values of bar diagrams
                                                  970825                                                   0.1.0  Added possibility to click on a zone (or the settler) in the processimage to shade the corresponding bars in the bar diagrams. This makes it a lot easier to read off the diagrams. We thank Stefan Mårtensson for suggesting this feature. 
                                                  970822                                                   0.0.2  Added value checking for all input data, added units to the scrolling graph, changed text in choice bars to lower case letters
                                                  970821                                                   0.0.1  Changed colours of pump symbols (green means active pump, yellow inactive), changed value of COD for carbon source to 1200000 mg/l (methanol), changed  text colours in the interface 
                                                  970818                                                   0.0.0 -