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Department of Information Technology

Satsa Friskt - IT-supported work in Swedish Agencies

A research cooperation with several Swedish Agencies

The Project

With our involvement in the "Satsa Friskt" project (Promoting healthy work), we are supporting the cooperating organisations in their efforts to develop future IT-supported work, with a special focus on efficiency and sustainability.

There exist much knowledge about how to proceed with development and deployment of new IT support systems in an organisation, in order to promote usability, efficiency and a good work environment. A prerequisite is to implement a user centred development model, something which can be easily done theoretically, but that is extremely difficult in practice. Governmental authorities face many demands in the future, e.g. to be transformed into "E-governments". Up to 100 % of all work tasks will be computer supported. This means that many fundamental changes will occur in work processes, organisation, communication, structure, IT support etc. There are many risks involved in this, e.g. concerning high demands, low control and social support. This means severe risks for work environment problems of different nature as well as for low efficiency.

A more preventive approach could solve many of these problems, and the future jobs could become good, efficient, healthy and sustainable. To achieve this, we must promote a better knowledge and understanding for the relations between efficiency in work, work environment problems in computer supported work and user centred development processes. Our research together with the involved organisations is mainly focused on implementing and evaluating such knowledge in practice.



In the research project, we work mainly with:

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Financial Support

The project gets financial support from:


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