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The objective of the project has been to develop a new simulator system that can contribute to improved methods for train traffic planning and operation and to create an experimental environment for develop-ment of new control support systems and operator user interfaces. The new simulator system is based on a previously developed simulation kernel, SIMON, which has been used by the Swedish National Rail Administration for off line planning experiments. The SIMON system has now been redesigned into an interactive, real-time simulator where external control and presentation systems can be connected via a communication module. The simulator system will be used for different purposes. Some of the most important experimental scenarios are to perform experiment with new user interfaces for train traffic control operators, to test the usefulness of decision support systems for train dispatchers, to evaluate alternative strategies for solving conflicts in train traffic control and to provide a simulator environment for education and training of train traffic operators.

More information about our partners in the TOPSim project the Swedish National Rail Administration and Ångpanneföreningen dept of Industrial technolog
Dokumentation på svenska från forskarseminariet i Borlänge 2002-02-05 finns här.


Bengt Sandblad , Department of HCI, Uppsala University
Arvid Kauppi, Department of HCI, Uppsala University
Arne W Andersson, Department of HCI, Uppsala University
Magnus Wahlborg, the Swedish National Rail Administration
Per Lindström, ÅF-industriteknik
Karl-Einar Jonsson, ÅF-industriteknik


Banverket, the Swedish National Rail Administration.


1999-06-30 -- 2002-09-30

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