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- Visualization And Simulation Environment. A framework for flexible configuration of distributed virtual environments.


Lars Winkler Pettersson, Nils Jensen and Stefan Seipel. A Virtual Laboratory for Computer Graphics Education. Eurographics Conference 2003. Granada, Spain. 1--6 September 2003. (Paper) (Poster)

Björn Andersson. A functional framework for flexible configuration of virtual and distributed teaching environments. Uppsala Master's Thesis In computing science, ISSN 1100-1836 #233. 26 January 2003. (Paper)


The VASE framework was written by Björn Andersson during a Master´s Thesis. The work was conducted under supervision from Stefan Seipel.

The recent use of computer graphics and advanced visualization techniques in educational environments has opened up a whole new field with new opportunities. Some of the problems and restrictions found in conventional education scenarios can now be seen from a different point of view and solved without the same restraints encountered in the physical world. If the VASE project is successful, the result can prove to be a vital complement to conventional educational methods.

The VASE project aims towards constructing a framework for flexible configuration of distributed networked virtual environments (VE). The framework is configured from a XML document describing which components that should be loaded and their initial state. The main idea is to make it easy to develop new plug-ins and integrate them in the VE and to enable the reuse of plug-ins developed by other parts. The framework is currently used to create a virtual classroom and a number of plug-ins is provided for this purpose.

VASE is based on VRT - Virtual Reality Toolkit written by Stefan Seipel and Streep a Shared State Repositry written by Mikael Lindkvist.

Experience a virtual environment

The VASE framework is designed to make it is easy to create new plug-ins and integrating them in a customized distributed virtual environment. Please feel free to go to the download page and get the latest version of the VASE installer.


Windows Media Player(avi, camtasia codec, 26MB): VASE demo
Camtasia codec: TSCC


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