Department of Information Technology


Medical decision support on the Internet

The overall goal is to develop affordable medical decision support systems that are available on the Internet.

A sub-goal of our work is to develop an intelligent system which will be capable of providing aid in clinical decision making. The system's advice will be based upon modern Artificial Intelligence techniques as well as validated large medical databases.

At the same time the project aims to examine how to best develop computer systems for the complex work situation found in in medical care. An important issue here is to find new ways to financially introduce computer support in health care.
Our approach is to focus on services instead of products.

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Lars Edenbrandt, Avdelningen för klinisk fysiologi, Lund university hospital
Andreas Järund, Avdelningen för klinisk fysiologi, Lund university hospital
Mattias Ohlsson, Theoretical physics, Lund university
Erik Borälv, Department of HCI, Uppsala university




1999-01-01 -- 1999-12-31

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