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We publish technical reports and licentiate theses in local series. Our PhD dissertations are available through the Electronic Publishing Centre of the university.

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The lists below show publications registered in the University digital archive DiVA, and which have been marked as being the department's. The lists do not necessarily contain all publications of authors/editors of our department. (When publishing in DiVA, use the guidelines to make sure you do it right.)

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  1. Past and Future Challenges for Railway Research and the Role of a Systems Perspective. Rebecca Andreasson, Anders A. Jansson, and Jessica Lindblom. In Proceedings of the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA 2018): Volume VII: Ergonomics in Design, Design for All, Activity Theories for Work Analysis and Design, Affective Design, volume 824 of Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, pp 1737-1746, Springer, Cham, 2019. (DOI).
  2. Temporal upscaling in micromagnetism via heterogeneous multiscale methods. Doghonay Arjmand, Stefan Engblom, and Gunilla Kreiss. In Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, volume 345, pp 99-113, 2019. (DOI).
  3. Developing adaptive traffic signal control by actor-critic and direct exploration methods. Mohammad Aslani, Mohammad Saadi Mesgari, Stefan Seipel, and Marco Wiering. In Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Transport, volume 172, 2019. (DOI, Fulltext). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  4. PDNet: Semantic segmentation integrated with a primal-dual network for document binarization. Kalyan Ram Ayyalasomayajula, Filip Malmberg, and Anders Brun. In Pattern Recognition Letters, 2019. (DOI, fulltext:postprint). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  5. Preconditioned smoothers for the Full Approximation Scheme for the RANS equations. Philipp Birken, Jonathan Bull, and Antony Jameson. In Journal of Scientific Computing, 2019. (DOI, Fulltext). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  6. Networked delay control for 5G wireless machine-type communications using multiconnectivity. Ramón A. Delgado, Katrina Lau, Richard H. Middleton, and Torbjörn Wigren. In IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, volume 27, 2019. (DOI). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  7. Accurate optimization models for interference constrained bandwith allocation in cellular networks. Grit Ecker, Di Yuan, Arie M. C. A. Koster, and Anke Schmeink. In Computers & Operations Research, volume 101, pp 1-12, 2019. (DOI).
  8. A matrix-less and parallel interpolation–extrapolation algorithm for computing the eigenvalues of preconditioned banded symmetric Toeplitz matrices. Sven-Erik Ekström and Carlo Garoni. In Numerical Algorithms, 2019. (DOI, Fulltext). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  9. Stochastic simulation of pattern formation in growing tissue: A multilevel approach. Stefan Engblom. In Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, volume 81, 2019. (DOI, Fulltext). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  10. Symbol-based analysis of finite element and isogeometric B-spline discretizations of eigenvalue problems: Exposition and review. Carlo Garoni, Hendrik Speleers, Sven-Erik Ekström, Alessandro Reali, Stefano Serra-Capizzano, and Thomas J. R. Hughes. In Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering, volume 26, 2019. (DOI). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  11. Creating an Atlas over Handwritten Script Signs. Anders Hast, Lasse Mårtensson, Ekta Vats, and Raphaela Heil. In Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries, 2019.
  12. Making large collections of handwritten material easily accessible and searchable. Anders Hast, Per Cullhed, Ekta Vats, and Matteo Abrate. In Digital Libraries: Supporting Open Science, volume 988 of Communications in Computer and Information Science, pp 18-28, Springer, 2019. (DOI).
  13. Age-related differences in seeking clarification to understand medical record information. Isto Huvila, Jonas Moll, Heidi Enwald, Noora Hirvonen, Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt, and Åsa Cajander. In Proc. 12th ISIC Conference, volume 24:1 of Information Research, 2019.
  14. Reasoning about knowledge and messages in asynchronous multi-agent systems. Sophia Knight, Bastien Maubert, and François Schwarzentruber. In Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, volume 29, number 1, pp 127-168, 2019. (DOI).
  15. The linear noise approximation for spatially dependent biochemical networks. Per Lötstedt. In Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, volume 81, 2019. (DOI, Fulltext). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  16. Isogeometric analysis for 2D and 3D curl–div problems: Spectral symbols and fast iterative solvers. Mariarosa Mazza, Carla Manni, Ahmed Ratnani, Stefano Serra-Capizzano, and Hendrik Speleers. In Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, volume 344, pp 970-997, 2019. (DOI).
  17. Spectral analysis and spectral symbol for the 2D curl–curl (stabilized) operator with applications to the related iterative solutions. Mariarosa Mazza, Ahmed Ratnani, and Stefano Serra-Capizzano. In Mathematics of Computation, volume 88, 2019. (DOI). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  18. Linear scaling pseudo Fermi-operator expansion for fractional occupation. Susan M. Mniszewski, Romain Perriot, Emanuel H. Rubensson, Christian F. A. Negre, Marc J. Cawkwell, and Anders M. N. Niklasson. In Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, volume 15, pp 190-200, 2019. (DOI).
  19. In search of the scribe: Letter spotting as a tool for identifying scribes in large handwritten text corpora. Lasse Mårtensson, Ekta Vats, Anders Hast, and Alicia Fornés. In Human IT, volume 14, number 2, pp 95-120, 2019. (External link).
  20. Model Checking of Software Systems under Weak Memory Models. Tuan-Phong Ngo. Ph.D. thesis, Digital Comprehensive Summaries of Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Science and Technology nr 1745, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Uppsala, 2019. (fulltext, preview image).
  21. Container-based bioinformatics with Pachyderm. Jon Ander Novella, Payam Emami Khoonsari, Stephanie Herman, Daniel Whitenack, Marco Capuccini, Joachim Burman, Kim Kultima, and Ola Spjuth. In Bioinformatics, volume 35, 2019. (DOI, Fulltext). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  22. Frequency conditions for stable networked controllers with time-delay. Johannes Nygren, Torbjörn Wigren, and Kristiaan Pelckmans. In International Journal of Control, volume 92, 2019. (DOI). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  23. Region-by-region analysis of PET, MRI and histology in en bloc-resected oligodendrogliomas reveals intra-tumoral heterogeneity. Kenney Roy Roodakker, Ali Alhuseinalkhudhur, Mohammed Al-Jaff, Maria Georganaki, Maria Zetterling, Shala G. Berntsson, Torsten Danfors, Robin Strand, Per-Henrik Edqvist, Anna Dimberg, Elna-Marie Larsson, and Anja Smits. In European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, volume 46, 2019. (DOI, Fulltext). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  24. Analysis of students’ learning of computer programming in a computer laboratory context. Michael Thuné and Anna Eckerdal. In European Journal of Engineering Education, volume 44, 2019. (DOI, Fulltext). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  25. Routing and wavelength assignment vs EDFA reliability performance in optical backbone networks: An operational cost perspective. Pawel Wiatr, Jiajia Chen, Paolo Monti, Lena Wosinska, and Di Yuan. In Optical Switching and Networkning Journal, volume 31, pp 211-217, 2019. (DOI).
  26. A disturbance rejection and data rate trade-off in networked data flow control. Torbjörn Wigren. In European Journal of Control, 2019. (DOI). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  27. Announcement as effort on topological spaces. Hans van Ditmarsch, Sophia Knight, and Aybüke Özgün. In Synthese, volume 196, 2019. (DOI, Fulltext). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  28. BENCHOP–SLV: The BENCHmarking project in Option Pricing – Stochastic and local volatility problems. Lina von Sydow, Slobodan Milovanovi?, Elisabeth Larsson, Karel In't Hout, Magnus Wiktorsson, Cornelis W. Oosterlee, Victor Shcherbakov, Maarten Wyns, Alvaro Leitao, Shashi Jain, Tinne Haentjens, and Johan Waldén. In International Journal of Computer Mathematics, volume 96, 2019. (DOI). Publication status: Epub ahead of print

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