Licentiate thesis 2001-010

A Parallel, Iterative Method of Moments and Physical Optics Hybrid Solver for Arbitrary Surfaces

Johan Edlund

August 2001


We have developed an MM-PO hybrid solver designed to deliver reasonable accuracy inexpensively in terms of both CPU-time and memory demands. The solver is based on an iterative block Gauss-Seidel process to avoid unnecessary storage and matrix computations, and can be used to solve the radiation and scattering problems for both disjunct and connected regions. It supports thin wires and dielectrica in the MM domain and has been implemented both as a serial and parallel solver.

Numerical experiments have been performed on simple objects to demonstrate certain keyfeatures of the solver, and validate the positive and negative aspects of the MM/PO hybrid. Experiments have also been conducted on more complex objects such as an model aircraft, to demonstrate that the good results from the simpler objects are transferrable to the real life situation. The complex geometries have been used to conduct tests to investigate how well parallelised the code is, and the results are satisfactory.

Available as PDF (990 kB) and compressed Postscript (478 kB)

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