Licentiate thesis 2006-009

Topology Optimization for Acoustic Wave Propagation Problems

Eddie Wadbro

13 October 2006

The aim of this study is to develop numerical techniques for the analysis and optimization of acoustic horns for time harmonic wave propagation. An acoustic horn may be viewed as an impedance transformer, designed to give an impedance matching between the feeding waveguide and the surrounding air. When modifying the shape of the horn, the quality of this impedance matching changes, as well as the angular distribution of the radiated wave in the far field (the directivity). The dimensions of the horns considered are in the order of the wavelength. In this wavelength region the wave physics is complicated, and it is hard to apply elementary physical reasoning to enhance the performance of the horn. Here, topology optimization is applied to improve the efficiency and to gain control over the directivity of the acoustic horn.

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