Licentiate thesis 2011-006

Intranet Use as a Leadership Strategy

Anette Löfström

9 December 2011


This thesis presents results from an investigation of a virtual leadership strategy, which is utilised in the city of Stockholm. The Intranet is used as a strategic tool to implement a steering document in a similar way among all employees in the organisation. In this frame, features like sensemakings of the distributed information, influences of experienced lifeworlds, circumstances at local workplaces, cultural aspects and technological issues are explored.

The investigation is fully qualitative. Interviews have been processed, recorded and transcribed. A survey with open and unstructured questions has broadened empirical results.

The aim is to explore opinions towards and driving forces behind taking part of an Intranet based leader strategy and to investigate what circumstances at local workplaces affect the potential success of such a leader strategy.

A new interpretation of Geert Hofstede s work is suggested in future works. This is framed in a cultural model.

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