Licentiate thesis 2014-007

Advancing Concurrent System Verification: Type based approach and tools

Ramūnas Gutkovas

20 October 2014


Concurrent systems, i.e., systems of parallel processes, are nearly ubiquitous and verifying the correctness of such systems is becoming an important subject. Many formalisms were invented for such purpose, however, new types of systems are introduced and there is a need for handling larger systems. One examples is wireless sensor networks that are being deployed in increasing numbers in various areas; and in particular safety-critical areas, e.g., bush fire detection. Thus, ensuring their correctness is important.

A process calculus is a formal language for modeling concurrent systems. The pi-calculus is a prominent example of such a language featuring message-passing concurrency. Psi-calculi is a parametric framework that extends the pi-calculus with arbitrary data and logics. Psi-calculi feature a universal theory with its results checked in an automated theorem prover ensuring their correctness.

In this thesis, we extend psi-calculi expressiveness and modeling precision by introducing a sort system and generalised pattern matching. We show that the extended psi-calculi enjoy the same meta-theoretical results.

We have developed the Pwb, a tool for the psi-calculi framework. The tool provides a high-level interactive symbolic execution and automated behavioral equivalence checking. We exemplify the use of the tool by developing a high-level executable model of a data collection protocol for wireless sensor networks.

We are the first to introduce a session types based system for systems with unreliable communication. Remarkably, we do not need to add specific extensions to the types to accommodate such systems. We prove the standard desirable properties for type systems hold also for our type system.

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