Licentiate thesis 2016-005

Cognitive Work Analysis in Practice: Adaptation to Project Scope and Industrial Context

Ida Bodin

23 March 2016

The Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA) framework is widely used by researchers for the analysis of complex systems. It, however, lacks the same impact amongst industrial practitioners. This thesis investigates possible adaptations of the framework to project and industrial constraints, and the consequences associated with such adaptations. Long haul heavy vehicle transportation is the application domain for the work presented in the thesis. The CWA framework has been applied within the Methods for Designing Future Autonomous Systems (MODAS) project. Adaptations have been made to fit the framework within the project constraints and the industrial contexts. Interviews with stakeholders in an industrial organization regarding possible use of models from the CWA framework have been made. The CWA was scaled to available resources when applied within the MODAS project. From this we realized that prioritization of work activity can have consequences on the resulting systems ability to handle unforeseen events. Further, a focus on the current system probed a rapid out-dating of the analysis due to technical development. The conclusion is that even if advantages are lost during adaptation due to practical constraints, the CWA framework could add value to practitioners within industry if adapted to the industrial context.

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