Technical Report 2003-062

Polyadic History-Dependent Automata for the Fusion Calculus

Emilio Tuosto, Björn Victor, and Kidane Yemane

December 2003


We extend History Dependent Automata to handle polyadic labels, and using a new symbolic semantics of fusion calculus we give a mapping into these Polyadic HDA with Negative Transitions, and show that the mapping is adequate with respect to hyperequivalence in the fusion calculus.

This lays the grounds for HD-automata-based tools applicable not only to the monadic pi-calculus but also to the fusion calculus and polyadic pi-calculus, allowing implementation efforts to be focused at a foundational level rather than being multiplied in several tools.

Available as Postscript (404 kB), PDF (263 kB), and compressed Postscript (158 kB)

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