Technical Report 2009-024

AvI-index: A tool to assess usability

Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos

October 2009

AvI-index is a usability measurement questionnaire to assess IT systems  usability as a factor dependent on efficiency, effectiveness and work environment. It is focused on how personal skills and organizational processes contribute to successful user participation and through that to higher usability, to better work environment, and to higher effectiveness and efficiency. Reliability coefficients and correlations to objective criteria were high confirming the original hypothesis. AvI-index can be used to acquire information about an IT system s usability in an easy and quick way. It can be used to evaluate interventions and changes of IT systems. It is also a suitable method to apply continuously over a longer period of time. Although AvI-index only provides an indicative value, such a diagnosis of usability in an organization s IT infrastructure is valuable as an alert and to determine the extent of further initiatives.

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