Technical Report 2010-009

Case-Study for Different Models of Resource Brokering in Grid Systems

Salman Toor, Bjarte Mohn, David Cameron, and Sverker Holmgren

March 2010

To identify the best suitable resource for a given task in a grid system, under constraints of limited available information, requires an elaborate strategy. The task gets even more complicated if the environment is heterogeneous and the availability of the resources or its information is not guaranteed for all the time. Efficient and reliable brokering in grid systems has been discussed extensively, and different strategies and models have been presented. However, this issue still needs more attention. In this paper we first review different brokering models, compare them and discuss the issues related to them. We have identify two key areas for improving the resource allocation: The Information Flow in the system and the Data Awareness of the resource selection. Our results show that the better management information flow between different components in the grid system significantly improves the efficiency of the resource allocation process.

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