Technical Report 2011-002

Benchmark Simulation Model no. 1 with a Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring and Control

Johannes Nygren and Bengt Carlsson

January 2011

The implementation of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) for wastewater treatment plant monitoring and control is rare in the literature. Nevertheless, there seem to be some good reasons for considering this application, since WSNs can easily supply several point measurements and keep track on a single variable over a wide area. This report describes a merged simulator, which is a fusion between a SimuLink implementation of Benchmark Simulation Model no. 1 (BSM1) and Prowler (a probabilistic WSN simulator). This makes it possible to simulate the relevant aspects of a WSN and the effects of implementing it for automatic control of a wastewater treatment plant. Also, a simple energy model is added to keep track on the WSN energy consumption.

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