Department of Information Technology

Making a technical report in the IT series

The report series is open to scientific reports by everyone at the Department of Information Technology. You can publish pre-print versions of journal articles, full versions of conference articles, preliminary versions of submissions to conferences and journals, etc.

To make a technical report in the IT series, do as follows:

  1. Write an article. The format is free, but the title page should include the affiliation of any co-authors not at the IT department.
  2. Save the article in PDF format . If you use LaTeX you can produce a nice PDF file using dvipdf or perhaps pdflatex (which produces a PDF directly instead of a dvi file)
  3. Send an email to Björn Victor asking to publish the article in the IT series. Include information about
    1. the authors,
    2. the title,
    3. if the article is published elsewhere (e.g., in another series, as an extended abstract at a conference, etc),
    4. the abstract (in TeX or text format - avoid personal macros in TeX format),
Also send the PDF file containing the article, either as an attachment to your email, or preferraby (especially if the file is large) as a URL where the file can be fetched.

We will then

If you want to print your report

  1. Download the current LaTeX style file for generating the cover.
  2. Print/photocopy the report e.g. with help from Dick Elfström. The cover (front and back) should be on stiffer, grey paper (Dick knows which).
  3. Send information about the number of pages of the content, and the number of copies made, to Björn Victor.
  4. If you print approximately 30 copies or more, you must send 8 additional copies to Ingegerd Wass, who delivers them to the university libraries.

In exceptional cases, report numbers can be acquired before the article is sent in, e.g., if several reports are written and cross-referencing each other. The PDF files should then be sent within one week - after that, the report numbers will be reused as needed, and new numbers must be acquired.

You are very welcome with questions and suggestions to Björn Victor!

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