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PhD student positions in Scientific Computing 2019

The Division of Scientific Computing at Uppsala University is a leading center for research and education in Scientific Computing. The research has a broad scope, ranging from numerical analysis over software development and high-performance computing to collaborative projects in Computational Science and Engineering, and industrial applications. The research is organized in two research programs (Computational Science and Numerical Analysis) with a common, rather extensive graduate (PhD) education program in Scientific Computing. Many of the PhD student projects include collaboration and joint supervision with other partners, both at Uppsala University and, e.g., Stanford University, Texas A&M University, and ETH Zürich. There is more information on the research at the Division.

The Division has an extensive international and national research network, including participation in, e.g., the Uppsala-Lund-Umeå e-Science consortium eSSENCE, which is a new major Strategic Research Area effort funded by the Swedish Ministry of Education. The Division also participates in the Uppsala Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics (CIM) as well as in the parallel programming Centre of Excellence UPMARC funded by the Swedish Research Council. Several research projects at the Division are also part of collaborations with Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab).

The Division hereby announces three new PhD student positions. The application should include a letter with a description of the candidate's research interests and earlier experience. Links to more extensive descriptions of the PhD projects are provided below. The application should also contain a CV, copies of exams, degrees and grades, a copy of the Master thesis (or a draft thereof), relevant publications, and other relevant documents. The plan is to invite a selection of the candidates to an interview before the position is filled.

A PhD student position requires a Master of Science or an equivalent exam in a field which is relevant for the topic of the PhD thesis. However, candidates which are expected to be awarded a Master degree soon (e.g. currently working on their Master's thesis) are also eligible to apply. Candidates should mention the earliest feasible starting date for the employment.

The PhD student position is for a maximum of five years of study and includes departmental duties at a level of at most 20% (typically teaching).

The deadline for applications (written in Swedish or English) is March 11, 2019.
There is a formal announcement and an electronic application form.

For further information please contact one or more of the contact persons given in the descriptions of proposed projects below. You may also contact the Head of division Emanuel Rubensson.

PhD Student Projects

More information about the available projects can be found through the links below

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