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Designing a software tool for RBF approximations applied to PDEs

A flexible software for solving time-independent PDEs using radial basis function approximation already exists. However, some types of operations are not supported, and most importantly, time-stepping is not included. Some important tasks here could be

  • to perform a variability analysis. What flexibility is neeed in the program from the user prespective and what can be included from the implementation perspective? Time-stepping and evaluation of derivatives of the solution are important parts here.
  • to design classes/modules that support this flexibility in an efficient way.
  • to implement the modules, preferably in Fortran 90, since this is the language used in the existing code.
  • to design a (graphical) user interface for constructing operators.
  • to parallelize parts of the code for multicore architectures.

All of this is too much for one MSc thesis, but the exact content can be decided based on the specific interests of the applicant.

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