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Statistical Machine Learning (SML) PhD course (9+3hp)

Spring 2016


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11 Mar. 2016 The project proposals will be presented on Friday, March 18, 10.15-12.00. Each group has 5-10 min. in total (5 min. for presentation and 5 min. for discussion). More information is available from the project page. Everyone is strongly encouraged to take part in the project presentations, but it is not mandatory.
9 Mar. 2016 As was mentioned during this weeks lecture I had to move Lecture 10, it will still take place on March 17, but at 10.15 - 12, rather than 15.15 - 17 as was originally planned.
1 Mar. 2016 As part of new procedures here in Uppsala, all non-UU PhD students should be formally registered at PhD courses. If this applies to you, please contact for more details.
29 Feb. 2016 A nice alternative introduction to variational inference is available here.
15 Feb. 2016 Tomorrow we will introduce the Gaussian process model (a Bayesian nonparametric model). If you find this model interesting and useful I can recommend the Gaussian Process Summer School. Several members from our team have attended earlier editions of this summer school and found them really useful. BTW: The GP is discussed in this episode of Talking Machines.
9 Feb. 2016 During the lecture today I mentioned the podcast Talking Machines that was recommended by Christian. It provides nice and relevant explanations and interviews related to what goes on in the Machine Learning field.
7 Feb. 2016 During lecture 4 on Tuesday we will talk about neural networks. Torch offers great support when it comes to implementing neural networks and the recent autograd for Torch removes a lot of pain when it comes to computing gradients. It makes use of automatic differentiation, which is a highly useful tool in many situations.
28 Jan. 2016 The machine is now performing better than the human in the game of Go (at least in the sense that it is beating the European champion). This made it all the way to the cover page of Nature. It is the Google company DeepMind that is behind the progress and it is once again deep learning that is the key to this breakthrough.
18 Jan. 2016 The Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS) is a great event for learning machine learning. Lectures and slides from MLSS held at at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen (Germany) last summer are available here.
26 Oct. 2015 The home page is now updated for the 2016 edition of the course. Welcome!
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