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Sequential Monte Carlo methods


Date Message
28 Sep 2017 On request, we have compiled a cheat sheet (i.e., very compact notes) on the SMC sampler.
8 Sep 2017 The hand-in assignments are continuously updated with minor corrections and clarifications, based on comments received.
25 Aug 2017 During lecture 9 we spoke briefly about the Gaussian process (GP). A more thorough introduction to the GP can be found here. The standard book on GPs is freely available online by clicking here. If you prefer a video introduction you can find one here.
23 Aug 2017 The (mandatory) hand-in assignments as well as the (optional but highly recommended) exercises for day 1 are now online. See you tomorrow at Geocentrum!
23 Aug 2017 Lecture slides (preliminary) for lectures 1-10 are now available on the web page.
18 Aug 2017 A set of optional preparatory problems have now been posted on the homework page. If you want to arrive well prepared, have a look at them before the course!
28 Jun 2017 The course is now full! We wish all attendees a warm welcome to Uppsala in August!
17 May 2017 A more detailed schedule has been added.
2 Dec 2016 The web site now contains some initial information about the course. Welcome!
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