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Department of Information Technology

Practicals & Hand-in assignments

We strongly believe that SMC is best taught by combining theory and concepts with implementations. Hand-in assignments (including implementation problems) are therefore a mandatory part of the course, and we have also scheduled a few hours each day (denoted "practicals" in the schedule) for you to work on the exercise problems with an assistant available for discussions and answering questions.

To receive a certificate that you have completed the course, you need to successfully complete and hand in the hand-in assignments on time. They will be posted here at the course start. There will be 1 mandatory set of hand-in assignments, plus 5 optional sets of exercises. We recommend you to complete the exercises before starting with the hand-in assignments.


Preparatory problems (optional)
Exercises I (optional)
Exercises II (optional)
Exercises III (optional)
Exercises IV (optional)

Files needed for some of the exercises.


Deadline for hand-in is monday 30 September.
Hand-in assignments (mandatory) Updated: 2019-09-05 14:15.

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