UPMARC Day: Past, Present and Future of Parallel Programming

      13 November 2018, Uppsala, Sweden

Foto: Roland Grönroos


The Linnaus Centre UPMARC Uppsala Programming for Multicore Architectures Research Center), which has been supported by VR (The Swedish Science Council) during 10 years, organizes a one day workshop on the Past, Present and Future of Parallel Programming. The workshop is an occasion to celebrate the UPMARC 's 10-year anniversary, and to survey existing trends and key open challenges in Concurrent and Parallel Programming.

The workshop is directed to anyone with an interest in parallel programming. It will feature presentations of selected efforts, achievements, and challenges addressed by the UPMARC centre. Presentations will focus on key issues, and there will be time for questions and discussions. The event will take place at Campus Polacksbacken in the conference room Polhemsalen.


  Important dates:

  Registration Deadline:
   7 November 2018 at 13:00

   13 November 2018