Department of Information Technology

UPMARC Support for Industrial Collaboration


Over the last decade, UPMARC has developed techniques, skills, and tools over a broad range of topics related to parallel programming. In order to demonstrate and evaluate these on realistic problems,
and to use realistic problems to explore new research challenges, UPMARC has allocated 1,3MSEK to support a program of industrial collaboration.

Projects could for instance further develop programming technology and/or tools for some (class of) applications, or explore new application challenges for programming technology

Targeted Projects

The program offers support for a limited number of 6 month projects, in which

  • UPMARC contributes skills, tools infrastructure, experience, and
    • supports a full time researcher at 100% for 6 months
  • Industry contributes realistic problems, examples, data (may be obfuscated), and
    • participates at an effort corresponding to 20% involvement.

This scheme can be adapted to suit individual cases.
Projects should have a clear research content, implying that results should be publishable in a scientific forum. Collaboration may involve signing of NDAs and similar, but complex IPR issues should be avoided.

How to Propose a Project

To propose a project:

  • Produce a 2-3-page project synopsis, including
    • description of the industrial problem
    • goals for the 6 month project
    • approach (what technology will be used, how challenges will be addressed)
    • time plan
    • participating people and needed resources.
  • Send it to UPMARC (represented by Roland Grönroos,

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