Department of Information Technology

HCI Alumni

Persons who have presented a thesis, PhD or licentiate, or persons who has worked in the Human-Computer Interaction group.

Name Former Function in the Division New Affiliation Contact
Stefan Blomkvist Presented his Licentiate thesis "User-centred design and agile development of IT systems" in 2006
Inger Boivie Presented her PhD thesis "A Fine Balance: Addressing Usability and Users’ Needs in the Development of IT Systems for the Workplace" in 2005
Erik Borälv Presented his PhD thesis "Design in Telemedicine: Development and Implementation of Usable Computer Systems" in 2005
Åsa Cajander Presented her PhD thesis "Usability – Who Cares?: The Introduction of User-Centered Systems Design in Organisations" in 2010
Elina Eriksson Presented her Licentiate thesis "Making sense of usability: Organizational change and sensemaking when introducing user-centred systems design in public authorities" in 2009
Mikael Erlandsson Presented his PhD thesis "What's in your mind?: Collegial Verbalisation – An ecological approach to knowledge elicitation" in 2014
Jan Gulliksen Presented his PhD thesis "Designing for usability: domain specific human-computer interfaces in working life" in 1996
Bengt Göransson Presented his PhD thesis "User-Centered Systems Design: Designing Usable Interactive Systems in Practice" in 2004
Niklas Hardenborg Presented his PhD thesis "Designing Work and IT Systems: A Participatory Process that Supports Usability and Sustainability" in 2007
Peter Hellström Presented his Licentiate thesis "Analysis and evaluation of systems and algorithms for computer aided train dispatching" in 1998
Gunnika Isaksson-Lutteman Presented her Licentiate thesis "Future train traffic control: Development and deployment of new principles and systems in train traffic control" in 2012
Rebecka Janols Presented her PhD thesis "Evolving Systems – Engaged Users: Key Principles for Improving Region-wide Health IT Adoption" in 2013
Arvid Kauppi Presented his Licentiate thesis "A human-computer interaction approach to train traffic control" 2006
Mikael Laaksoharju Presented his PhD thesis "Designing for Autonomy" in 2014
Marta Kristín Lárusdóttir Presented her Licentiate thesis "Listen to your users: The effect of usability evaluation on software development practice" in 2009
Magnus Lif Presented his PhD thesis "Adding usability: Methods for modelling, user interface design and evaluation" in 1998
Anette Löfström Presented her PhD thesis "Implementing a Vision: Studying Leaders’ Strategic Use of an Intranet while Exploring Ethnography within HCI" in 2014
Else Nygren Presented her PhD thesis "From paper to computer screen: human information processing and user interface design" in 1996
Stina Nylander Presented her PhD thesis "Design and Implementation of Multi-Device Services" in 2007
Eva Olsson Presented her PhD thesis "Designing Work Support Systems – For and With Skilled Users" in 2004
Håkan Selg Presented his PhD thesis "Researching the Use of the Internet – A Beginner's Guide" in 2014
Simon Tschirner Presented his PhD thesis "The GMOC Model: Supporting Development of Systems for Human Control" in 2015
Lars Winkler Pettersson Presented his PhD thesis "Collaborative Visualization: Designing and evaluating systems for co-located work" in 2008
Carl Åborg Presented his PhD thesis "How does IT feel @ work? And how to make IT better: Computer use, stress and health in office work" in 2002
Jenny Öhman Persson Presented her PhD thesis "The Obvious & The Essential: Interpreting Software Development & Organizational Change" in 2004
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