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We offer five master programmes. Each programme consists of two years of studies, including a half year Master's project in industry or at the university.

  • Computer Science: This programme offers a broad education in Computer Science, including design, implementation and evaluation of computer systems, with a focus on software.
  • Concurrent and Parallel Programming: This programme is a specialisation within the Master Programme in Computer Science. It covers software development for concurrency and parallelism; modeling, testing and verification of concurrent systems; energy-efficient computing and advanced computer architectures. Courses are taught by world-class researchers and educators from UPMARC, Europe's premier research centre for multicore programming.
  • Sino-Swedish Master Programme in Computer Science and Software Engineering: The Sino-Swedish specialisation offers one year of studies at National Taiwan Normal University, NTNU, Taiwan. You will have the opportunity to live in two cultures, and form close ties with two cities in different countries – which in turn will open doors in an international labour market. The programme contains courses in Computer Science based on the research specialisations of NTNU. There are also courses with a cultural content (such as languages or intercultural relationships). Successful students can obtain a dual degree with one master degree from Uppsala University and one from NTNU.
  • Computational Science: A multidisciplinary programme, ranging from advanced computers and software to chemistry, biology, physics and engineering. The focus is the use of computer simulation in natural sciences and engineering.
  • Embedded Systems: This programme provides candidates with a world class education in computer and systems engineering science, with a focus on embedded systems programming and design.

We are also deeply involved in another master programme, which is hosted by the Department of Informatics and Media:

  • Human-Computer Interaction: The programme focuses on all issues involved in creating usable IT-systems. Most of the courses are based on projects which use real-world problems through our cooperation with leading Swedish companies.


The Master degrees offered are standardized in Europe under the Bologna Model.
The main requirement is that you pass 120 credit points (2 years of studies) on top of your Bachelor degree.

  • The programmes offered consist of 90 credits of courses and a thesis project of 30 credits (alternatively 75 credits of courses and a 45 credit thesis).
  • One semester of studies, 20 weeks, is equal to 30 credits. Courses are typically 5 or 10 credits. Some extra courses are offered during the summer.

Tips and hints

A movie in Swedish about being a master student at our department.

A master student talks about his studies.

Note: The application deadline is January 16th for international students and April 15th for Swedish students.



For information about the academic content, courses, and prerequisites, see each programme.

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