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Department of Information Technology

Apply by February 15th.

The application deadline for all exchanges for Fall term 2024/Spring term 2025 is January 15th til February 15th 2024.

How to study abroad

Students at the Department of Information Technology have several options when considering studies abroad. There are many places to go and you can attend both courses within and outside of your particular subject area.

International Exchanges at the Department Level
Department-based agreements are exchanges tied to the Department of Information Technology. Our exchange programmes comprise studies at one of our around 20 partner universities for one semester or a full academic year. Many of the universities listed on our website are ERASMUS-exchanges, but we also offer exchanges with a number of Asian universities.

International Exchanges at the Faculty Level
Exchange agreements at the level of the faculty for the disciplinary domain of science and technology have been signed with institutions that are considered appealing within technology and science and often cover broader subject areas. Many agreements are directed towards engineering student.

General Exchange Programmes
Uppsala University’s General Exchange Programmes are open to all students at the university. These programs comprise multiple or all subject areas at the foreign host university. In most cases priority is given to exchanges for a full academic year. The International Office is responsible for general exchange programmes.

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Who Gets to Go?

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Anyone can apply for the university's general exchange programmes. Our departmental exchange programmes are only open to those of our students whose local program includes mathematics and information technology. This includes IT and DV-students, as well as students in MA, STS, F, X, and in some instances students from other programs.

Your international studies can contain courses in information technology (algorithms, software and hardware), only mathematics, or both. At several of our partner institutes you can participate in other courses such as physics, biology, or French literature. The selection will vary from place to place.

  • To be considered for an international exchange you should be in grade 3 or higher by the time you leave Sweden. You should have kept a normal pace of your studies here at home, however, high grades are not necessarily the deciding factor. Rather, other criteria such as active participation and a healthy curiosity are more important.
  • For exchanges within Europe, you might need language skills in the language spoken in the country where you are going. Secondary skills are often enough.

This is How You Apply

You apply by this link . Questions should be addressed to Ulrika Jaresund.

  • Please note: The application deadline for all leftover seats for exchanges Spring term 2025 is August 15- September 15th 2024.

The same application link and deadline applies to studies abroad both during the fall and/or the spring semester. If not all exchanges are filled for the coming year, a new application round will be available from August 15th 2023.

Contact Us
  • For general information about our exchanges, contact our exchange student coordinator Ulrika Jaresund.
  • For specific information regarding each exchange partner, please contact the universities' respective department directly.
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