Department of Information Technology

Presentations and dates

(1DT340 = Bachelor thesis in computer science, 1DT540 = Master thesis in computer science, 1DT960 = Master thesis in computer and information engineering)

Presentations November 2017

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
27/11 10:15-11:00 TBA 1DT068 George Thomas Extraction of Bone Density Microwave Sensor based Follow up Parameters from Post Craniotomy and Lower Extremity Trauma Rehabilitation Measurements TBA Robin Augustine
27/11 13:15-14:00 TBA 1DT068 Xiao Yu Evaluation of test vector quality for hybrid systems Zhe Chen Bengt Jonsson
27/11 14:15-15:00 TBA 1DT340 Jepser Niemi Evaluating and comparing tools for generating PDF files N/A Lars-Henrik Eriksson
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