Department of Information Technology

Presentations and dates

(1DT340 = Bachelor thesis in computer science, 1DT540 = Master thesis in computer science, 1DT960 = Master thesis in computer and information engineering)

Presentations Sept. 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
4 Sept 10:15-11:00 1406 HCI Ruba Abou Torab and Julio Tapia Creating augmented 360º experiences with focus on people with mobility impairments Alireza Mahzoon Lars Oestreicher
11 Sept 13:15-14:00 1345 HCI Alireza Mahzoon The Thereminic Room Interface - Interfacing a Room sized Instrument for Multiple Players Joel Åstrand and Douglas Fröling Lars Oestreicher
18 Sept 10:15-11:00 1406 1DT540 Aleksandra Obeso Duque Performance prediction for enabling intelligent resource management on big data processing workflows Rahmanu Hermawan Salman Toor
18 Sept 11:15-12:00 1406 1DT540 Milad Taba Utvärdering Av User-Experience Inom ERP Affärssystem Med SAP Fiori Per Ekemark Jonas Moll

Presentations are normally towards the end of each month. Mail to book a presentation.

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