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Presentations and dates

(1DT340 = Bachelor thesis in computer science, 1DT540 = Master thesis in computer science, 1DT960 = Master thesis in computer and information engineering)

Bachelor Presentations June 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
15/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT340 Carlos Saito Evolutive graphics with Linked Data N/A
15/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT340 Mulugeta Zeleke Performance analysis of single page application using React N/A
18/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT340 Édgar Méndez Effective Visualization of Magnetization Dynamics N/A
18/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT340 Erik Edward Comparing Methods of Text Categorization N/A Di Yuan
19/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT340 Joseph Rogers Effects of Thread-Local Tasks Trees in the CHT-MPI C++ Programming Library for the Chunks and Tasks Programming Model N/A
19/6 13:15-14:00 1213 1DT340 Havermark, Joel Bit-vector approximations of floating-point arithmetics N/A Philipp Rümmer
19/6 14:15-15:00 1213 1DT340 Magnusson, Jesper Guiding local search using approximations N/A Philipp Rümmer
20/6 10:15-11:00 1213 1DT340 Filip Normann Test case selection based on code changes N/A Lars-Henrik Eriksson
20/6 11:15-12:00 1213 1DT340 Christoffer Hedén Gravås N/A Mats Lind
27/6 13:15-14:00 1213 1DT340 Elsa Slattegard Stochastic blockmodeling with temporal dirichlet process for temporal network clustering N/A Matteo Magnani

Master Presentation June 2018

For 1DT960 and HCI/MDI presentations please see below.

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
7/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT068 Arnav Jain Automated Testing of HVDC Control & Protection Systems Bassem Farag Bengt Jonsson
7/6 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT068 Bassem Farag High voltage DC spark detection model Arnav Jain Steffi Knorn
7/6 15:15-16:00 1212 1DT068 Rahmanu Hermawan Dancing with Theremins Milad Taba Pontus Ekberg
12/6 15:15-16:00 1212 1DT440 Miel Verkerken 'Monitoring Financial Transactions: Efficient Algorithms for Streaming Data Erik Valldor
12/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT540 Erik Valldor Detection of People in Infrared Images using Deep Learning Miel Verkerken
15/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT540 Philip Lanaras Towards reducing data latency from storage systems to GPUs for Deep Learning Applications David Escher Alexandra Jimborean
15/6 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT550 David Escher Offline Avionics Scheduling Subproblem using Decomposition Methods Philip Lanaras Pierre Flener
18/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT540 Abdulghani Ismail Zubeir OAP: An efficient online Principal component analysis algorithms for streaming EEG data Vlad Draghici Kristiaan Pelckmans
21/6 13:15-14:00 1212 ISM Pouya Ashraf Improving Spatial Sound Capturing on Mobile Devices Through Fusion of Inertial Measurement Data TBA
21/6 14:15-15:00 1213 1DT540 Vlad Draghici Responsive GUI framework in Lua Abdulghani Ismail Zubeir Johannes Borgström
2/7 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT540 Narges Rajabnezhad Prediction for Price Optimization

HCI/MDI Presentations June 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
11/6 13:15-14:00 1212 HCI/MDI Sara Carlson Modeling digitalization’s impact on intensive care nursing: a work domain analysis Qian Lu
11/6 14:15-15:00 1212 HCI/MDI Qian Lu Feasibility Study of a "Smart" Aid for the Visually Impaired and Blind's Independent Mobility in Outdoor Environments Elin Parsjö
18/6 9:15-10:00 1213 HCI/MDI Jezyna Domanska TBA Darren Lehane
18/6 10:15-11:00 1213 HCI/MDI Darren Lehane TBA Jezyna Domanska

1DT960 Presentations June 2018

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
5/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT960 Daniel Ekbom Utmaningar för ERP on Demand - För ERP-leverantörer och fokus på Monitor ERP System Alexander Lind Andreas Hellander
5/6 11:15-12:00 1212 1DT960 Douglas Fröling Developing a User-Centered Information Radiator Anna Normark Mats Lind
7/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT960 Viktor Ståhl Localising and Reconstructing Drill Holes in 3D Objects using Machine Learning Jonas Karlsson Dave Zachariah
11/6 10:15-11:00 1212 1DT960 Jonas Karlsson Auditory Classification of Cars by Deep Neural Networks Viktor Ståhl Steffi Knorn
12/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT960 Linnar Ekendahl Billman and Johan Hullberg Speech Reading with Deep Neural Networks Pouya Ashraf Kristiaan Pelckmans
12/6 14:15-15:00 1212 1DT960 Alexander Lind Maintaining Security and Improving Usability through Software Modernisation Linnar Ekendahl Billman Björn Victor
19/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT960 Anna Larsson Building a user interface with MATLAB GUIDE for MRI data volumes in Imiomics Oliver Stein Joel Kullberg
20/6 13:15-14:00 1212 1DT960 Tobias Andersson and Joel Åstrand Utveckling av en applikation med syfte att öka fysisk aktivitet bland anställda Daniel Ekbom Mikael Laaksoharju
21/6 10:15-11:00 1213 1DT960 Elin Parsjö Gamification of Education in Starting a Business: A Survey of Support for new Entrepreneurs Johan Hullberg Anders Jansson

It is now too late to book further presentations in June. The next presentation slots will be in late August. Please contact the the thesis coordinator ( if you want to present

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