Department of Information Technology

Presentations and dates

(1DT340 = Bachelor thesis in computer science, 1DT540 = Master thesis in computer science, 1DT960 = Master thesis in computer and information engineering, 1TD808 Master thesis in Computational Science, 1DT068 Master thesis in Embedded System)

Presentations November 2020 1DT340

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
11/11 10.15-11.00 1DT340 Wietze Schelhaas Predicting network performance in IoT environments using RNN/LSTM Christian Rohner
CANCELLED 1DT340 Jonathan Gustavsson Evaluation of a Human Pose Estimation Algorithm Ginevra Castellano
26/11 11.15-12.00 1DT340 Elwira Johansson Practical complexity of the Fibonacci heap in simulation and modelling framework Carl Nettelblad

Presentations November 2020 1DT068

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
4/11 9.15-10.30 1DT068 Paul Sujeet, Asif Mohmmad, Vishnu Ullas Smart hand gessture tracking adaptable to multiple applications Mohammad El Musleh Alexander Medvedev
4/11 10.45-11.30 1DT068 Mohammad El Musleh Transformation of UML State Machine Diagram into Graph Database to Generate Test Cases Paul Sujeet, Asif Mohmmad, Vishnu Ullas Bengt Jonsson

Presentations November 2020 1DT960

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
3/11 9.00-10.00 1DT960 Andra-Stefania Negus Exploring an Adaptive Anomaly Detection Machine Learning Solution for Large Internet-of-Things Datasets Magnus Gustafsson Olle Gällmo
3/11 10.15-11.15 1DT960 Christian Ormos Exploring Machine Learning Architectures to Help Combat COVID-19 Andra-Stefania Negus Stefan Engblom
3/11 11.30-12.30 1DT960 Magnus Gustafsson Evaluation of StochSD for Epidemic Modelling, Simulation and Stochastic Analysis Christian Ormos Mikael Sternad
3/11 13.15-14.00 1DT960 Elsa Rick The effect of second-hand x-ray radiation on strategic electronic components Joel Westerlund Anders Persson

Presentations November 2020 1DT808

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
12/11 13.15-14.00 1TD808 Sireesh Haang Limbu Comparison between direct and indirect speech-to-speech language translation using machine learning Peili Guo Pelle Mattsson
12/11 14.15-15.00 1TD808 Peili Guo Heuristics for vehicle motion planning with search trees Sireesh Haang Limbu Justin Pearson
13/11 13.15-14.00 1TD808 You Wu Feature selection on high dimensional histogram data to improve components’ life length prediction Jennifer Andersson Georgios Fakas
13/11 14.15-15.00 1TD808 Jiayi Yang Distributed Edge Cloud Availability You Wu Salman toor
13/11 15.15-16.00 1TD808 Jennifer Andersson Simulation-driven Machine Learning Control of a Forestry Crane Manipulator Jiayi Yang Thomas Schön

Presentations December 2020 1DT540

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
15/12 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Sam Löthen Exploring probabilistic graph models for risk analysis in cybersecurity Brent Sanchez Christian Rohner
15/12 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Brent Sanchez An Imiomics sex and age study in body composition di?erences Sam Löthen Filip Malmberg
16/12 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Zhenyu Tang Monitoring activity patterns in Linnaean Botanical Gardens Christian Gullberg Edith Ngai
16/12 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Christian Gullberg Quality Assurance of Condition Monitoring Calculations Zhenyu Tang Pelle Mattsson
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