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Department of Information Technology

Presentations 2023 1DT540 (Computer Science Master)

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
21/8 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Sergi Olives Juan Modeling and Optimization of a Production System in terms of Productivity and Energy Efficiency Gaurav Singh & Shreyansh Singh Matías Urenda Moris
21/8 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Gnana Spandana Akumalla Failure Interference in Drilling Bits: Leveraging YOLO Detection for Domaint Failure Analysis Sergi Olives Juan & Yang Yang Mats Gustafsson
21/8 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Yang Yang Android Runtime Shader Performance Analysis Gnana Spandana Akumalla Fredrik Nysjö
22/8 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Paula Borst & Lukas Schmid Anomaly Detection in Combustion Engines by Sound Recognition - An Autoencoder Approach Bulut Bulgu & Antonia Sakellariou Mats Gustafsson
22/8 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Prasanth Thomas Shaji & Deepak Venkataram Training Neural Networks on Embedded Devices Paula Borst & Lukas Schmid Pontus Ekberg
22/8 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Bulut Bulgu & Antonia Sakellariou Revisiting the Massive Memory Machine for Processing In Memory Prasanth Thomas Shaji & Deepak Venkataram Stefanos Kaxiras
25/9 11.15-12.00 1DT540 Robin Gürbüz Assessing Vue as a tool for creating prototypes of systems for expert users Akanksha Makkar Mats Lind
25/9 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Akanksha Makkar Industrial Assembly Workstation Layout Optimization for Improved Operator Ergonomics Using Actor-Critic Algorithm Sagar Tambrahalli José Mairton Barros da Silva Júnior
25/9 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Sagar Tambrahalli Customer interaction analysis tool using Unity and Hololens Boli Gao Nikita Singh
25/9 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Boli Gao Perceptual Sensitivity to Video Degradations in a Simulated Cloud-Gaming Environment: An Empirical Study through Subjective Tests Robin Gürbüz Filip Malmberg
26/9 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Megh Gala Unified Modeling Language (UML) generation from user requirements in natural language Jennifer Gross Sofia Ouhbi
26/9 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Jennifer Gross User Evaluatations for Systems Aimed at Domain Experts Deng Mingwei Mats Lind
26/9 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Deng Mingwei Causal Reinforcement Learning for Bandit with Confounders Megh Gala Dave Zachariah
30/10 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Abhishek Babladi Evaluating Swift Concurrency- Async/Await pattern for Volvo Cars App Prashanna Rai Lars Oestreicher
30/10 14.15-15.00 1DT540 Nandini Suresh An Evaluation of Genetic Algorithm Approaches for the Unit Commitment Problem in Power Generation Scheduling Yu Zhu |Mats Gustafsson
30/10 15.15-16.00 1DT540 Prashanna Rai Cloud native authorization Yuzhi Chen Kostis Sangos
30/10 16.15-17.00 1DT540 Yu Zhu Time-series anomaly detection in radio test Nandini Suresh Per Mattsson
27/11 13.15-14.00 1DT540
27/11 14.15-15.00 1DT540
27/11 15.15-16.00 1DT540
18/12 13.15-14.00 1DT540 Sudheer Sujay
18/12 14.15-15.00 1DT540
18/12 15.15-16.00 1DT540
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