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Department of Information Technology

Presentations Spring 2022 1TD808 (Computational Science)

Date Time Room Course Respondent Title Opponent Reviewer
20/1 13:15-14:00 ( ) 1TD808 Tomas André Holonomic optimal control for qudits Aneysha Datta Martin Almquist
17/2 13:15-14:00 1TD808 Muhammad Ishfaq Using Recommendation Engines to Improve the user experience in a Cloud Analytics Solution Sadi Alawadi
25/3 10:15-11:00 1TD808 Yuting Wang An application of channelized Hotelling observer for optimization of CT scanning protocols Meenal Pathak Ewert Bengtsson
31/3 14:15-15:00 1TD808 Meenal Pathak Automated Accounting Using Machine Learning Yuting Wang Antonio Horta Ribeiro
12/5 14:15-15:00 1TD808 Deepthi Hulithala Venkataramana Modelling neural networks to analyse arterial blood gas and respiratory parameters Arslan Hameed Robin Augustine
3/6 10:15-11:00 1TD808 Benjamin Bucknall Surprise-Based and Safe Exploration in Reinforcement Learning Julián Ramón Marrades Furquet Jens Sjölund
9/6 14:15-15:00 1TD808 Emma Goodwin Emotion recognition using Deep Learning and its correlation with veracity Tim Littau Ginevra Castellano
10/6 13:15-14:00 1TD808 Tim Littau Characterization of familial Alzheimer's disease using unsupervised learning algorithms Emma Goodwin Olle Gällmo
15/6 14:15-15:00 1TD808 Julián Ramón Marrades Furquet Data-driven parameterization of molecular force fields Benjamin Bucknall, Deepthi Hulithala Venkataramana Elisabeth Larsson
17/6 14:15-15:00 1TD808 Jonathan Lindén Computer vision for identification of agricultural patterns in aerial imagery Hira Malik Ingela Nyström
26/8 14:15-15:00 1TD808 Anders Köhler Evaluation of MLOps Tools for Kubernetes Junjie Chu Chang Hyun Park
29/8 10:15-11:00 1TD808 Omar Ghulam Ahmed Malik Accelerated Density Matrix Iterations In Electronic Structure Calculations Using Eigenvalue Gaps Anders Köhler Gunilla Kreiss
29/8 13:15-14:00 1TD808 Junjie Chu Efficient Resource Scheduling for Distributed Infrastructures Using Negotiation Capabilities Omar Ghulam Ahmed Malik Prashant Singh
21/11 14:15-15:00 1TD808 Georgios Nentidis Evaluation of Physics Informed Neural Networks in engineering simple structural analysis problems Jayendra Ellamathy Andreas Hellander
30/11 14:15-15:00 1TD808 Oskar Tegby A Hierarchical Tucker Solver for the Vlasov-Maxwell System Thameez Bodhanya Martin Almquist
1/12 14:15-15:00 1TD808
5/12 14:15-15:00 1TD808
6/12 14:15-15:00 1TD808
12/12 14:15-15:00 1TD808
13/12 14:15-15:00 1TD808
15/12 14:15-15:00 1TD808
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