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Department of Information Technology

The Status of On-Campus Teaching for the Fall Semester

Uppsala University expects to be able return to on-campus teaching in the fall. This plan is not unrealistic: In Sweden, 43.5% of all adults are currently (July 9) fully vaccinated and an additional 23.9% have had their first shot. Most if not all faculty members will be fully or partially vaccinated by August 30th. Thus, by August, Sweden might go from pandemic to endemic. It is thus advisable for students to apply for residence permits and take other steps to plan for their residence in Sweden.

At the same time, be advised that the COVID situation is unpredictable, and the University cannot rule out the possibility that the plans for on-campus teaching will change, possibly several times before the start of the fall semester. This could lead activities being moved on-line to some extent, or in the worst case completely on-line. It is also possible that requirements in the form of, for example, mandatory COVID tests or COVID vaccinations will be introduced by the Swedish government and therefore required for participation in the Master programs.

If our plans for physical teaching are changed at a late stage, we guarantee that admitted students can participate in the master programs remotely, pending the return to on-campus teaching. In this event, return to on-campus teaching will be announced in good time before physical presence becomes mandatory.

International students living in Sweden will be able to be vaccinated as part of the general Swedish vaccination programme. As soon as the general vaccinations for all ages have opened, the University will send further information about booking your appointment to be vaccinated.

Updated  2021-07-11 14:33:33 by Lars-Henrik Eriksson.