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Department of Information Technology

Orientation for the Masters in Computer Science including Sino-Swedish at Uppsala University

Please note that the information on this page will be updated from time to time.

Prepare your individual study plan

The Master's Programme in Computer Science is a very open programme, offering great flexibility in the choice of courses. Before coming to Uppsala you should have given some thought about what courses you want to take during your studies.

To help you plan, you can find detailed information about the programme in the programme syllabus. See particularly the links labelled Outlines.

You can find tables of all the courses in the programme divided into subdisciplinces with their prerequisites (i.e. what course(s) you must take to be eligible for another course) here. The prerequistes are very important for your planning as the courses you choose for the first semester may determine what courses you can or can not take in later semesters.

Note that the compulsory introduction course "Advanced Computer Science Studies in Sweden" is not in the tables, nor is the final semester which is always dedicated to a degree project.

In particular, you need to think about the first semester courses, as you have to choose them during the orientation week. To help you better understand what the courses are about, there are detailed presentations of most first semester courses (Note that the semesters are divided into "half-semesters" or periods. The autumn semester includes periods 1 and 2, the spring semester includes periods 3 and 4.)

You can also take courses outside of the programme, both within the department and in other departments, subject to availability and you having the necessary prerequisites.

If you are a fee-paying student then you must choose courses for a total of exactly 30 credits each semester. (Including the 5 credits for the introduction course in the first autumn semester.)

If, upon starting a course, you find that it wasn't what you expected, you can change courses during the first week of study, but not later. (That means at the latest September 2 for the first courses on the programme.)

Individual meetings

All students need to have an individual meeting with one of the persons responsible for the programme or with the programme student advisor to discuss your study plan and finalise enrollment.

Detailed information on how to sign up for meetings will be sent to you by e-mail. If you have arrived in Sweden and not got an e-mail please contact Lars-Henrik Eriksson.

Orientation programme

Items will be added to this programme as they are announced.

Monday August 22 at 13:15-15:00, Roll call and information meeting

The roll call and information meeting will be held in lecture hall 101121.

This meeting is compulsory. Should you for any reason be unable to attend you must contact the Programme Coordinator well ahead of the meeting.

If you missed the meeting, here are Lars-Henrik's slides and The Student Counsellor's slides.

Tuesday 23 August, Individual meetings

By appointment -- see above.

Wednesday 24 August, 10:10 - 14:10, Steam Train Excursion

We will take a museum steam train from Uppsala train station to the village Marielund, about 15 km from Uppsala. The train leaves from track 10, on the east side of the station.

In Marielund we will socialise and have some fun and games. A light lunch and refreshments will be served. The second year students are also invited, so take the chance to meet with them! We'll be back in Uppsala at about 14:10.

Wednesday 24 August, Individual meetings

By appointment -- see above.

Thursday 25 August, Individual meetings

By appointment -- see above.

Friday 26 August, at 09:00 - 10:30, Follow-up meeting

At this follow-up meeting we will give more information about your studies in Uppsala, and answer any remaining questions that you may have. The meeting will be in lecture hall 101121.

If you missed the meeting, here are the slides

Friday, August 26, at 11:30, Vice-Chancellor's reception

Welcome reception with Professor Anders Hagfeldt, the university Vice-chancellor, and others, in the main university building. The reception will be followed by an exhibition with information from the university and student organisations. For more information, refer to this web page.

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