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Awards and Honours

Below we present the awards and honours that have been bestowed on the department's staff and students during 2018. Lists of prices awarded earlier years are archived on the pages for research, education and other awards.

Kiko Fernandez-Reyes has been awarded a MINT scholarship

MINT has awarded Kiko Fernandez a scholarship for his paper “The impact of opt-in gamification on students’ grades in a software design course” with co-authors Dave Clarke and Janina Hornbach

ICPR - Best Scientific Paper Award

Ashis Kumar Dhara and Robin Strand, together with Erik Arvids, Markus Fahlström, Johan Wikström and Elna-Marie Larsson from the Department of Surgical Sciences, have been awarded the Best Scientific Paper Award (Track: Biomedical Imaging and Bioinformatics) for their article "Interactive Segmentation of Glioblastoma for Post-Surgical Treatment Follow-Up" at the 24th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2018).

The ICPR conference is the main event of the International Association of Pattern recognition ( IAPR, ). The conference provides an international forum for researchers and practitioners in the broad area of pattern recognition, including pattern recognition and machine learning, computer vision, speech, image, video and multimedia, biometrics and human computer interaction, document analysis and recognition, biomedical imaging and bioinformatics.

2018 DisCoTec Best Paper Award

Kiko Fernandez, Dave Clarke, Elias Castegran, and Huu-Phuc Vo have received 2018 DisCoTec best paper award at COORDINATION 2018 conference for their paper "Forward to a Promising Future." Kiko Fernandez presented the paper on June 19, in Madrid.

The DisCoTec series of federated conferences is one of the major events sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). It gathers three main conferences: COORDINATION (International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages), DAIS (International Conference on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems), and FORTE (International Conference on Formal Techniques for Distributed Objects, Components, and Systems), as well as several workshops.

UTNs Pedagogical Prise

Jan Kudlicka, PhD student at the Department of Information Technology, Division of Computing Science, has been awarded the UTN Educational Prize for 2017. The motivation reads:

"All students at Teknat have been invited to nominate their teachers, and the students chose to highlight Jans commitment, flexibility, responsiveness, and his development of the course "Database Technology I," where he worked with a web forum for questions, online quizzes and reality-based tasks."

Matariki Fellows 2018/2019

Helena Andersson, PhD student at the division of of Systems and Control, is one of seven researchers at Uppsala University appointed Matariki Fellows 2018/2019.

The purpose of Matariki Fellow is to increase research contacts and strengthen international cooperation. Funds can be sought for up to six months of research at any of the universities that are part of the Matarikai network.

Best COORDINATION 2018 Paper Award

Kiko Fernandez, Dave Clarke, Elias Castegran, and Huu-Phuc Vo have received the best paper award at COORDINATION 2018 conference for their paper "Forward to a Promising Future." Kiko Fernandez presented the paper on June 19, in Madrid.

The Pedagogical Award 2018

Professor Björn Victor has been awarded the Pedagogical Award for 2018 in the area of mathematics, natural sciences, and technology. The motivation reads:

"Björn Victor is an engaged and didactic teacher who inspires colleagues and creates a common ground between students and teachers. With an extensive pedagogical experience and responsiveness, he develops courses with student-centered learning. As an educational leader, Björn works to constantly renew teaching and provide support and advice in everything from the development of new educational programs to educational training for colleagues."


Stavros Aronis, Bengt Jonsson, Magnus Lång and Konstantinos Sagonas have been awarded TACAS'18 DISTINGUISHED ARTIFACT AWARD at ETAPS in Thessaloniki, April 19, 2018, for "Optimal Dynamic Partial Order Reduction with Observers".

"This artifact contains the code and benchmarks used to generate the results in the paper, as well as instructions on how to do so. An artifact is any additional material (software, data sets, machine-checkable proofs, etc.) that substantiates the claims made in the paper and ideally makes them fully replicable".

Google "2018 Faculty Research Award"

Thiemo Voigt has been honoured by Google for his work in "Visible Light Communication and Backscatter-based Sensing for Implicit Interaction with loT." As part of Google’s growing efforts to support excellent research in academia, Tiemo will receive just over 30 000 dollars as part of this "2018 Faculty Research Award."

Equal Opportunities Award

Congratulations to Michael Thuné, who has been honoured with the 2017 Equal Opportunities Award. The motivation reads:

"Michael Thuné [has] consistently, purposefully and continually worked for equal opportunities and equality in teaching and research, and in his management and trust assignments at the Department of information Technology as well as at the faculty and university levels. The Council for Equal Opportunities wishes to highlight Michael Thuné's time as prefect during which he created conditions and opportunities for active gender equality and equal opportunities work at his department."

The prize was awarded in connection to the Equal Opportunities Day on the 13th of March, 2018.

- It feels delightful and very good to get this price, says Michael Thuné. I have been working with equality issues in different roles since 1990 and believe it is one of our most important issues.

Gustaf Adolf's Gold Medal

Michael Thuné has been awarded Gustaf Adolf's Gold Medal for his work as prefect at the Department of Information Technology. The motivation reads:

"Michael Thuné has served as the Head of the Information Technology Department for many years, with collegial leadership characterized by transparency in his positioning and the decision-making process, and available and open information channels that make employees feel safe and listened to. Michael Thuné has been engaged in gender equality for many years, as a member and chairman of the faculty's equality committee and as a council for the rector. With his unobtrusive calm and friendly and generous attitude, he is a role model for many. "

The Gustaf Adolf Medal can be offered to a person who has served as a Dean for a very long time, to a prefect who initiated and maintained particularly important activities or to persons who have carried out very significant investigations or the like of large import.

Micro Top Picks 2018

The paper "Non-Speculative Reordering of Loads in TSO," by Stefanos Kaxiras (Uppsala University), Trevor Carlson (Uppsala University), Mehdi Alipour (Uppsala University), and Alberto Ros (University of Murcia), has been selected to appear in a special issue of IEEE Micro: "Top Picks from the 2017 Computer Architecture Conferences." The issue collects some of the most significant research papers in computer architecture based on novelty and potential for long-term impact.

This is the first Micro Top Picks paper from a Swedish University and the Department of Information Technology. Congratulations to this great distinction for the UART group.

2018 IEEE Fourier Award for Signal Processing

Peter Stoica has been named the recipient of the 2018 IEEE Fourier Award for Signal Processing. The Fourier Award is IEEE's most prestigious Technical Field Award for signal processing, awarded for an outstanding contribution to the advancement of signal processing, other than in the areas of speech and audio processing. You can read more about the award here.

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