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Assessing the Reliability of Glucose Sensors

The availability of accurate and fast sensor devices for measuring the amount of glucose in the (critically ill) patients' blood is a vital issue for the application of reliable automatic control strategies in this context. Therefore, we developped a statistical procedure for assessing the reliability of a discrete time or a near-continuous time test glycemia sensor device in respect to a discrete-time reference (laboratory) glucose measurements. Specifically, a bootstrap based significance test was conceived, and different representations of the results were developped to assist medically trained personel in decision making. The GLYCENSIT website implements this test and makes it available to a wide public.


  • Van Herpe T., Pelckmans K., De Brabanter J., Janssens F., De Moor B., Van den Berghe G., Statistical approach of assessing the reliability of glucose sensors: The GLYCENSIT-procedure, Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, vol. 2, no. 6, Nov. 2008, pp. 939-947 pdf.
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