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  • Andreina Francisco
  • Takako Kawamura
  • Michael Thuné
  • Tobias Wrigstad
  • Karolina Malm Holmgren
  • Nina Almgren
  • Louise Kennerberg
  • Lina Meinecke
  1. Elisabeth Linnér was sick and couldn't come
  2. Björn Victor had a conflicting work elsewhere.
  3. Mikael Laaksoharju had a conflicting work at his division.


  • Sara Frisk
  • Sofia Cassel


Board meeting follow-up

Michael reported the outcome of the board meeting. The new gender equality plan is accepted with very minor modifications. Verbatim from the decision below (in Swedish).

  • I "Principer för hantering av prestationsresurs B" gjordes tillägget (i stycket om beslut): Besluten redovisas vid nästföljande styrelsemöte.
  • I jämställdhetsplanen gjordes följande ändringar:

> Avsnittet "Ledning" flyttades från "�tgärdsplan för 2013" till "Kontinuerliga åtgärder".
> I avsnittet "Grundutbildning" i åtgärdsplanen delades den första punkten upp i två, beträffande lärare respektive studenter.
> I samma avsnitt ändrades den andra punkten till "En undersökning ... ska göras inom de masterprogram som institutionen har ansvar för. Vidare ska vi verka för att fakulteten genomför motsvarande undersökning för övriga program."

Dessutom ett antal korrekturändringar:

  • PÃ¥ ett ställe stÃ¥r det "Jämställdhetsombudet" --> "Kontaktombudet för jämställdhet"
  • PÃ¥ ett ställe "frÃ¥ni" --> "ifrÃ¥n"
  • "Grundutbildning" --> "Utbildning pÃ¥ grundläggande och avancerad nivÃ¥"
  • "GU-prefekten" --> "Utbildningsprefekten"

There will be a transition period before the new way of handling resource B is used fully as the majority of 2013's budget is already spend on PhD support (decisions from 2012 are executed using the budget of 2013 as per usual).

New plan follow-up

Tobias followed up the new gender equality plan. It states that members from all divisions must be present. That raises the question how to get those members, and preferably ones who are committed and intrested and not just "buyign time".

We decided that our goal is to have reached memberships from all divisions in June 2013. The strategy for doing so is by advertising all meetings clearly in LäsIt and by asking departent heads to encourage participation and "checking out" the meeting. The hope is that three meetings will be enough for people to decide whether to stick around or not.

Michael also talked about giving the GEQ group "a mandate" by being appointed by the board. The decision was to form a core in the GEQ group but let membership be open to all. The purpose of the coreis to "control" that there is at least some equality and diversity in the GEQ grop, but membership will still be open, and no formal decision is needed for people to attend the meetings, and no special powers are granted to "core members".


  • Start announcing meetings in LäsIT well ahead of time
  • Approach heads of divisions to encourage people to go to the GEQ meetings, especially divisions which are not represented already

Responsible: Tobias Wrigstad

  • In the end of May, we will attempt to form a core group from whoever is in the GEQ group at that time, and take that to the boards.

Responsible: Michael Thuné.

External suggestions

Discussion lead: Tobias Wrigstad

Two suggestions from people outside the GEQ group following Tobias' presentation on the departmental strategy day.

  • Overview how we present ourselves to the world via the web and other presentational material -- from a gender perspective
  • Secure competencies in how to write and advertise open positions to also appeal to women

We are avaiting names from Nina Almgren for people who we can use for these tasks. Next step is to approach them and learn more what can be achieved.

Poster from Female Network in Computer Science

Discussion lead: Andreina Francisco

Andreina presented a poster for the FNiCS trip to [[|POPL'12]] and the [[|PLMW]]. She got good feedback, and the main result was that the poster will be slightly redesigned and have a companion poster which encourages master students to come and hang with the female PhD students at their fika-meetings about once every two months. The companion poster will have dates etc.

Responsible: Andreina Francisco

FESTA Information

Nina and Louise from FESTA talked about equality indicators.

The gender equality indicators are a self-assessment system for evaluating gender equality at the department accessible through GLIS. Nina and Louise will attend a future meeting (to be set up) where we can brainstorm about how we can use these indicators not only for self-assessment, but also for finding areas of special interest which we can ask for in the next open call(s).

Points to be addressed at the next meeting

  • Announce a program to sponsor female speakers at existing seminar series with an open call.
  • More discussion of the semi-separatistic conference at the department with female presenters from CS departments in all of Sweden and external (female) invited speakers
  • Discuss strategies for how to work for the inclusion of more gender violation-related teaching in introductory courses to decrease the number of gender-related violations
  • Discuss strategies for how to work to include more non-Swedish member in the group
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