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Department of Information Technology

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Who's Present?

  • Lars-Ã?ke Nordén
  • Sara Frisk
  • Tilda Pentikäinen (next Q-plus)
  • Andreina Francisco
  • Takako Kawamura

Point 1a (Tobias presenting)

About fulfilling the requirement for core members from all divisions.

Decision: Assign someone to publish to LäsIT and contact all
division heads. This ends up being Tobias.

Point 1b (Tobias)

How should we go about reaching more ``english-speaking members?

Decision: revisit this point once the new members from all
divisions have been added.

Point 2a (Tobias)

Call for proposals for gender equality-related projects.
Decision: Create a task force to prepare this text. This ends up
being Tobias and Andreina.

Point 2b (Tobias)

Sponsoring female speakers to existing seminar series.

Decision. Integrate with the call for proposals in 2a.

Lars-Ã?ke makes the point that the writing should suggest that the
main activity should be coming here to give the talk and not
attend some other function like a grading committee.

Point 2c (Andreina)

Conference progress.

Andreina says the progress has stalled right now since they
postponed it to the fall of 2013.

Point 3 (Andreina)

Report on the progress of making poster presentations from the
trip to PLMW in 2012.

Decision: Andreina and Tobias to finalise. We need to assign
someone to print and distribute.

There is a discussion about trying to create a ACM chapter for
women in CS between SU/KTH and UU, and put that on the poster.
Also put mentoring talks on the poster.

Point 4 (Takako)

Takako reports on progress for the DB.

Point 5

Decreasing gender-related violations.

Postponed since Elisabeth did not come.

Point 6 (Tobias)

Polling for FESTA interest

Tobias does this online. Also wait until mere members are in the

Point 7 (Tobias)

Scheduling meetings in the future.

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