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Department of Information Technology

This page is a copy of internt/jamstalldhet/meeting-2013-04-24 (Fri, 16 Oct 2015 17:10:06)


  • Tobias Wrigstad
  • Sara Frisk
  • Björn Victor
  • Karolina Malm Holmgren
  • Takako Kawamura
  • Alexandra Joita-Pacureanu
  • Alexandra Jimborean
  • Masumeh-Nina Shariati
  • Edith Ngai
  • Johan Rydén
  • Tilda Pentikäinen
  • Lars-Ã?ke Nordén

Agenda & Notes

  1. Select a secretary
    • Lars-Ã?ke Nordén is taking notes
  2. Talking about the new membership and how that works formally
    • Tobias talked about this
  3. New round of introductions
    • Everyone introduced themselves
  4. New meeting format
    • Tobias explained the new format
    • Meetings may move to building 4
  5. Follow-ups
    1. Call for proposals for gender-related projects
      • CFP announced in LäsIT
      • 3 proposals so far, discussed under agenda point 6
    2. Posters from the PLMW trip in 2012
      • Master students sent to workshop, their activity marketed through poster
      • 3 out of 4 students became PhD candidates at varying places
    3. Sponsoring female speakers on existing seminar series (Maybe revise the call also put it up on the GEQ web)
      • Information about the possibility to invite female speakers
      • Should also apply to female guest lecturers in courses, suggest specifying a limit (responsible: Tobias)
    4. Conference progress
      • Brief update, no responsible person present
    5. Database of female computer scientists
      • Information about UI for database containing women in CS
      • Johan Rydén, who is working on the UI, is presenting an outline of the UI
      • Brief discussion about how the database is to be used
      • Some comments on UI
  6. Discussion of proposals for projects
    1. Conference
      • Postponed until next meeting since none of the applicants were present
    2. Inspiration days for females who applied to basic level programmes at the IT department
      • Tilda and Sara presented their plans to invite females who have applied to the IT and DV undergraduate programs. Tilda answered questions
      • Group proposes to suggest the prefekt to sponsor 50% of the expenses for the event.
    3. Female postdoc sponsoring
      • Can money pay part of a female postdoc?
      • Discussion moved to mailing list
  7. Information: "Lika villkor"
    • Postponed to next meeting
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